Friday, July 16, 2010

Its FINALLY Here!!!!

Today kicks off a week that I have decided to name, Concert Week Twenty-Ten.  

Actually July was supposed to be lovingly nicknamed Concert Month, but I never got to blog about the first concert of the month, Michael Buble (I'm swooning in my desk chair just thinking about it).  

So now its Concert Week.

Tonight I'm seeing Jack Johnson with my BFF Mere and a co-worker.  I'm so excited for girls' night its not even funny.  We're going out for wings (and beer) beforehand and I can't think of anything else I'd rather do tonight, unless it involved me going out with Michael Buble....then I'd have to reconsider, sorry girls!

On Sunday I'm seeing John Mayer with a friend of mine from work.  Of the three concerts I'm going to, I like John Mayer's music the most, so I'm most excited to hear him play for a few hours.  I've already seen John Mayer in concert - he opened at Virignia Tech for Dave Matthews,  and he was amazing then, and I think he'll be more amazing now.

On Tuesday I'm going to see Dave Matthews with another friend from work.  He's a big Dave fan, much more so than I am.  Like I said, I saw Dave Matthews with John Mayer at Tech, but I'm pretty excited to be seeing him again.  Fun fact: Dave Matthews got his start in Charlottesville! 

I think its going to be a legen-(wait-for-it)-dary!  I'll post reviews and pics and updates as I can.  Hope everyone out there has an awesome summer fun-in-the-sun filled weekend!!!

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