Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Here!

But I'm buried under a pile of books!

School has been keeping me extra busy lately, but I did get to enjoy a fantastic fall break back home.  And since I basically took four days off, its time to pay the reaper.  So now I'm buried under a double stack of books.

That's why my posting's been less than sporadic.  But its all worth it.  One day I'm going to be a kick-ass attorney and I'll have a paralegal who can write my blog for me! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Day!

I haven't really had a lot of time to blog lately, but today's a special day so I wanted to make an exception.

Because today is this girl's birthday:

Thankfully neither one of us looks like that anymore.  Also, very thankfully, that's the only middle school picture I have that's survived.

Since the moment I met her, Meredith's been my best friend.  

All through middle and high school, we had more sleep overs than I can even possibly count.  We played soccer together, baked chocolate chip cookies together, went shopping together, and kept our favorite Mexican restaurant El Loro's in business together.  

We even went to prom together:

We were able to stay friends even though we went to rival colleges together:

Our friendship has always been really special to me.  Meredith's loved me even though I don't think she really understands my love of these men:

Or my love of this one:

Even though we can both agree on the awesomeness of this one:

and no, I don't mean Daniel Radcliffe

My family taught Meredith the proper way to decorate a cake:

And hers taught me that maybe (just maybe) hiking isn't a form of physical punishment:

I don't think Meredith has any idea how much I love her.  She's my best friend and my sister.  I hope she has the wonderful day that she deserves.  Even though I can't celebrate with her today, I can't wait to celebrate with her later this week!

Love you always.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Princess on Princess Street

I unofficially kicked off my half marathon training today.  I know, I know, I was supposed to start it on Sunday.  Well it POURED for three and a half days.  STRAIGHT.  I don't even know how much rain we got, but I do know that my parents got 12 inches from the same storm.  

It was worth the wait. 

Today was 75 and beautiful.  No heat to speak of.  No humidity.  I even saw some Charlestonians wearing jackets today, it made me laugh because it was absolutely perfect weather. 

Anyway, I ran my favorite run aka the only one I really have and know that I won't get lost somewhere in the middle.  From my school, if I run straight on King St. until I hit the Battery at the very southern tip of the peninsula and head back, its a 5k.  I did just a little bit more than that today: 3.34.  

I don't have a time to give you guys because I stopped my watch at one of the traffic lights and forgot to restart it when I started running again, so my time was way faster than I know I was running.  

Running has quickly become my favorite pastime in Downtown Charleston.  Partially because its free, partially because I find it relaxing, and partially because I've never really been a "city runner" before.  

I could never run in Charlottesville, home of my alma mater, and Chesapeake is significantly not a city, so I'm enjoying the new challenges and sights that running in Charleston gives me.   There is so much more going on all around me in Charleston than in Chesapeake.  

I like the distraction.  After a long day at school and hours in the library I like to put my feet to pavement and work out my frustrations.  I don't think about Property or my Legal Memo.  Instead I window shop as I run by all the trendy stores.  I dodge around all of the people.  I look at the beautiful homes and try to imagine what it would be like to live in one of those very expensive, very historic buildings. 

Its really helping me learn the city.  Every time I go for a run I discover something new.  Like today, for the first time, I noticed that there is indeed a Princess Street in Charleston.  It also appropriately runs right next to Saks Fifth Avenue.  

I think its kind of cool that on my first run for the Princess Half Marathon I noticed Princess Street.  It also kind of made me want to live on Princess Street.  I would definitely order return address labels with tiaras on them!