Friday, July 23, 2010

Concert Week In Review

Five days.  Three shows.  One epic week.  

Concert Week Twenty-Ten came to a close Tuesday night with Dave Matthews Band. 

The whole week was exciting and exhilarating and fun and EXHAUSTING!  Seriously I am getting too old for all of these late nights so close together.  It was awesome.  Exhausting as it was, I'd definitely do it again.  

I wanted to come up with a way to rate and review each concert, so I've come up with a totally scientific way to succinctly review each one.

Jack Johnson: To the Sea Tour, June 16th, Virginia Beach Amphitheater

Level of fanness before (scale of one to ten): Five - I always enjoyed his music, but didn't own any of his CDs and I had never seen him before in concert

Favorite song(s) played (yes or no): Yes.  All of the songs I knew from the radio, stuff I liked from his new CD, and "Banana Pancakes"

Cuteness factor of my outfit:  Way cute.  Purple tank top with a denim skirt

Weather: Probably the best of the whole week.  Not too hot, not too humid

Impressions of artist: Interacted with the audience, wore normal clothes***

Highlight of event: The fact that it was girl's night.  Had a blast with the girls.  I got to act silly and laughed a lot.***

Level of fanness after (scale of one to ten): 6.5, I have definitely listened to his music more in the past week, and would buy new stuff from him.

Me and the girls rocking out to the musical stylings of Jack Johnson

***I may or may not have had too much to drink before and during the show (as evidenced by my beer eyes in the above picture); so whatever I said about this show may need to be taken with a grain of salt...whatever, I had a blast!

John Mayer: Battleground Studios Tour, June 18th, Virginia Beach Amphitheater

Level of fanness before (scale of one to ten): 7.5 - I had (and loved) all of his albums, loved him, knew all of his music by heart (ok, so maybe closer to an 8) but had only seen him one other time in concert (at the concert for VA Tech in Blacksburg, VA)

Favorite song(s) played (yes or no): Most, but not all.  But I liked and knew a lot more of his music.  Plus: he played "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room."  Minus: he didn't play "The Heart of Life" or "Gravity."  I guess I'll have to see him again......

Cuteness factor of my outfit:  Cute, but not as cute as for Jack.  Denim skirt (same one, so shoot me) and navy blue tank top.  I was having an awesome hair day though.

Weather:  Warmer than Jack with a little more humidity.  My hair looked like crud by the time the show was over, but C'est la vie....

Impressions of artist: Talked to the audience a lot, which I liked.  Turns out he was kind of weird, which was kind of weird.  Also he wore man-pris (that is capris for men) which majorly counts against him.

Highlight of event: That I got to see John Mayer.  I had a great time and he was awesome.  I would DEFINITELY go see him again!

Level of fanness after (scale of one to ten): Solid 8.

Me and my friend before...I was having a BEAUTIFUL hair day!

Really John?  Man-pris?!?
That's more like it!

Dave Matthew's Band: Summer Tour, June 20th, Virginia Beach Amphitheater

Level of fanness before (scale of one to ten): 4.5 to 5-ish, knew his stuff from the radio, but not much else; saw him with John Mayer at Tech, but we actually left early.

Favorite song(s) played (yes or no): Yes!  He actually played "Everyday" which I seriously still love just because I've always loved the music video where the fat guy goes around hugging everyone he meets

Cuteness factor of my outfit:  Cutest one of the three.  New blue dress, but I was constantly worried about my tummy and how it looked in the dress.

Weather:  Hot.  Too hot.  And humid.  Too humid.  Made my hair wilt like someone on a summer day (oh wait, that's EXACTLY what happened!)

Impressions of artist: Friendly, but not overly so.  I think he knew his audience, and played crowd pleasers, but it also helps that this wasn't an album tour.

Highlight of event: It was an awesome night.  I had a great time and would definitely do it again.

Level of fanness after (scale of one to ten): 5-ish.

So that's my recap of a week highlighting the men in my life: Jack, John and Dave!

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