Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Alright, confession time. I did not weigh in last night, as is my usual Thursday routine. Why you may (but probably won't) ask? I have a bunch of reasons including but not limited to the copious amount of alcohol I consumed Saturday night at a wedding and the broiled seafood platter and half bottle of wine I devoured at Mahi Mah's Wednesday night with my UVA pal Rob.

So excuses/reasons/logic aside, there was no scale for Andrea last night.

But I still went to my meeting. And let me tell you, I totally geeked out for the occasion. We can all scroll down a few blog posts and read about my awesome victory Saturday when I kicked the Shamrock 8K's ass and ran the whole thing (even if I probably could have walked faster than I was "running" that last mile). I'm still amazed by that accomplishment, so I wore my I heart (or Shamrock with little running feet) VB t-shirt and brought my victory medal for being awesome and finishing the race.

Let me just take a moment to say how much I freaking love my meeting. No one laughed at me when I strolled in there wearing my geeky shirt and even geekier medal (well they didn't until I made some hysterically awesome joke about it). They all clapped for me and told me how great it was that I finished and discovered this enjoyment in running, even the woman in my meeting who finished the half marathon. Now that's a huge accomplishment! They are all just so supportive, of everyone and of every problem. I couldn't do this without my meeting.

Since I have no actual weight-loss victory to report this week, I thought I'd share some non-scale victories that I've discovered along the way with Weight Watchers. First, I've learned that I will not die if I eat a vegetable. In fact, most of them are pretty ok, except broccoli *shudder.* And, bonus, since they're really healthy, you can eat a ton of them for absolutely zero Weight Watchers points. Second, all of this exercise I've been doing has really helped tone me up. Alright well, not like really tone me up, but when I flex my arm you can see that I do indeed have biceps and when you look at my stomach you can tell that I really do have abs, they're there, I promise! My stomach is no six pack, but not a keg either. Maybe its a 40? Who knows.

I've been having this mental battle pretty much all day with myself: after work do I go for a run or do I take a nap? Most of the time I pick the run, which is good good for me and gets my endorphins pumping and makes me all happy and relaxed, blah blah blah, and I would do in a second if it was sunny. But sadly its raining and the thought of running outdoors in the rain and in the cold is enough to drive me to my warm, cozy, cuddly bed. So the struggle continues.....

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