Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Weigh In!

Last night was my weekly weigh-in and I was surprised to find out that I lost 1.4 pounds!!!! This week was crazy busy and there were a TON of opportunities for me to fall way off the weight loss wagon: my birthday, meeting Jennifer in Williamsburg (and eating out for lunch and dinner), dinner out with Meredith and Garrett Friday night, and St. Paddy's Day just to name a few.

It was a great feeling! Looking back I honestly think that I deserved to lose this week. Even though I had fun and ate things I normally wouldn't, I made MUCH better choices than I would have pre-Weight Watchers. Like my birthday, we went out for Italian and I had Chicken Parmesan (my favorite), but I only ate half of the chicken (not a huge piece either) and only some of the pasta. Then I had a small piece of cake. All in all, it was great. I got to have my favorite foods in moderation and still saw success on the scale!

Now to update those stats!

This week's loss: 1.4 lb
Total weight loss: 17.6 lb

Here's to sticking with it, even when life gets in the way!!!!

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