Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Traffic Cam

So I realize that its kind of late to posting to my blog on a Friday night, but whatever.

On my way home from work I ran into some TERRIBLE traffic. Since I was by myself in the car and practically every radio station must have had some kind of agreement to play only Ke$ha, disco, never-ending commercials, or some combination of the three, I decided that it was time to pull out my camera. Which gave me an even greater idea of taking random pictures while I'm stuck in traffic and blogging about my commute (so exciting right?).

DISCLAIMER: Before you yell at me for taking pictures while driving, let me assure you that each picture I took on my commute was taken at a very safe cruising speed of 0 mph, as shown below. Pinky swear. So there.

Anyways I just HAD to take a picture when I saw this lovely window cling:

What does this even mean? "Kick it if you don't like the Saints"??? Its like it was trying to copy those window clings of Calvin peeing on your rival teams mascot, but this one failed miserably. Its just so ambiguous - what exactly is getting kicked? are they kicking it old school? say I'm kind of wishy-washy on the Saints, do I deserve to have "it" kicked? Anyways it made me laugh for one of two reasons 1) its as funny (read: lame) as I think it is or 2) by the time Friday rolls around I have absolutely lost my mind.****

As soon as I got over "Kick it if you don't like the Saints" I realized that I was behind a car from none other than.....

Quebec! I had to take a picture because this car is first of all an international traveler but also because I took six semesters of French in high school and cannot for the life of me remember what "Je me souviens" means. I will remember me? Anyone?

So that was fun! I might do this kind of regularly.

Well that's all for tonight! My alarm will be going off in less than 8 hours, so I need to hit the hay! Early spinning class tomorrow, which will hopefully help me burn off some of the chocolate I ate tonight while making Easter eggs with by BFF and her real/my surrogate family, but I'll blog about that later.

Good night and thanks for stopping by!

****I pretty much just realized that I read that whole bumper sticker wrong. Way to go, Andrea. I think confirms my theory that by the time Friday rolls around, I have completely lost my mind...

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