Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My first post

My entire life I've been on the A-list.

Let me just say, that I know that I'm no A-list celeb. So let me tell you a little story, my parents, way back in 1987, decided to name me Andrea. Since both of my parents' names start with the letter M, and since they decided to name my brother Matthew a few years later, I grew up as the only A in a house full of M's.

Flash forward to my last two years of college: all three of my roommates names started with the letter J. And they weren't the same 3 roommates both years either.

I used to hate being the "odd man out." I remember my brother teasing me about all of the "M-club" meetings he and my parents used to have; that I couldn't go to.

But I eventually accepted the beauty of being the odd man out. It was a simple, easy way to carve out some individuality for myself. I was the only A. Alphabetically I came first and foremost. It has other perks too: whenever I leave a note I can sign it just "A." Do you have any idea how much time that saves? I'd be willing to bet that it adds up to a few extra minutes a year.

This idea also applies to labeling my stuff. I've never had to write "AR" on something that I wanted to be just my own; its simply A.

But I think the biggest and best perk is that, as the only A, my name stands out. Who are you going to remember when you're introduced to Benjamin, Bonnie, Billy, and Andrea?

So that's what this blog is going to be about. Me! And my life being a wonderful, beautiful A. The things that make me happy, the things that make me sad, and everything that makes me, well me!

Thanks for reading!

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