Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running Against the Wind

Do you ever feel like you are constantly running against the wind? That's how my entire run went tonight. All 3.8 miles of it. If I was running north I was running into the wind, same as if I was running south. I think part of it had to do with the fact that I like to run the "scenic" route along my neighborhood and run past all of the "lakes" near my house and that all of the wind was blowing off of the lakes. I don't know. It was hard.

Last night was my last "long run" before the Shamrock 8K on Saturday. I had hoped to run a full four miles, but I was just shy of it. I hope I'm ready for Saturday. Its 4.97 miles on the Boardwalk in VA Beach. Its supposed to be warm and sunny, I think it'll be good. Apparently a lot of people walk this race, which I think will help me out. I should finish before a good portion of the walkers, not like in my 5K where walkers had a different route and I finished nearly dead last.

Running this time of year makes me miss playing soccer like nothing else. Its cool and brisk in the later afternoons. When I run in shorts, my legs sometimes have that warm but numbish feeling to them. There's something in the air too that makes my mind automatically go to the soccer field. I wonder if I put on my cleats if my evening runs would be any easier....I could run for miles and miles and miles when I was playing soccer in a way that I have never been able to run any where else. That feeling is starting to slip away, just like it does this time every spring. I know I'll get it back in the fall and then again next spring, but until then, I'll just keep running on....

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