Monday, April 12, 2010

New Kicks

I finally got some new running shoes. My old New Balances, while super cute and pink, were three years old and had all of the cushioning stomped out of them. Those poor New Balances suffered through my older and more recent forays into the world of exercise. Step classes, pilates, elliptical machines, running, spinning, and even the occasional hike. I put a lot of miles into those shoes.

A few weeks ago for my birthday, I got a gift certificate to Running Etc., the local running store for Hampton Roads. I finally had a free afternoon, so I headed out to VA Beach with my running buddy Kathryn.

I had never even been to a running specific store, much less ever been fitted for new sneaks. If you've never done it, you run in your old shoes and in socks; then they measure your feet and try on all different makes and models of shoes. I was happy to hear that I was actually wearing a good shoe for the type of foot I have - so I wasn't hurting my feet. I tried on 5 pairs: one Nike, two New Balances, one Asics, and one pair of Sauconys.

I was pretty tempted to buy the prettiest pair - purple New Balances. But I tried them all on and I tried them all out. Even though they weren't the cutest pair, the Saucony's felt the best, so that's what I got!

I'm so excited about them! I don't want to use them for anything but running, so I didn't wear the to spinning tonight. And it means that more than likely I'm going to buy another pair of new sneakers to do other, non-running things in. They're super comfy and nice and white and shiny!

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