Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Now Hiring

It's that time again.  You know that one last Thanksgiving and last spring where I nearly lost my mind?  That's the one...exams are RIGHT around the corner.  My first one is in two weeks from this Thursday.  Gross.

I always think its kind of interesting what happens to me at this critical time in the semester. What I hold onto and what I let go of.  For example, I cling to my work-out time with a vice-like death grip.  Laundry, on the other hand, goes right to the bottom of my list.  So does prepping my meals.  All of last year I survived finals on a diet that consisted mostly of scrambled eggs.  (As a bonus, the scrambled egg/excessive amount of protein/lots of running lifestyle helped me drop a few pounds during the hectic exam period.)

I've decided that having a personal assistant would make my life approximately a billion times better over the next few weeks.  If you're interested, comment here and we'll start the negotiations.  Your duties will be similar to those of Elaine Bennis when she was working for Mr. Pitt.  Well, no they won't.  You'll have to do my grocery shopping, prep my meals, and do my laundry.  As well as pick up after me when I'm at school.  I'm thinking it would be a ten hour a week commitment.  As an added bonus?  I'll pay you with my eternal gratitude.

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Hannah said...

Wait, does that mean I will have to cut up a Snicker's bar for you?