Friday, November 18, 2011

Build Your Own

My new-ish favorite trend in food right now is something I call "build your own."  I've always been a little like Sally from When Harry Met Sally.  I'll go someplace and ask for the dressing on the side, hold the tomatoes, can I add some avocado on that, hold the cheese, extra cheese, you get the picture.  This usually winds up with the server getting exceptionally annoyed with me and messing up my order.

So I guess it's not surprise that I've fallen in love with these restaurants where I get to craft my food for myself without any judgment.  

My obsession started innocently enough when I discovered the build your own burrito concept.  My personal fave is Moe's.  I knew it was meant to be when I discovered Moe Monday's - $5 for any burrito of your choosing AND a drink.  That's something that even this poor law student can afford!

I became more obsessed when the self-serve frozen yogurt craze swept the nation.  I love fro yo so it wasn't much of a stretch - especially when I can top it with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups AND chocolate chip cookie dough bites.  When I'm in Virginia, the ONLY place I get my fro yo from is The Skinny Dip.  So awesomely good.  When I'm in Charleston, my fro yo establishment of choice is Yogurt Mountain.  (Personally I prefer the Dip, but Yogurt Mountain is pretty close.)

I recently discovered the trifecta of build your own restaurants.  It's a brand new place in Charleston called Verde.  I LOVE the concept - build your own salad.  For $6.95 you get lettuce (a lot of lettuce), four toppings, and a piece of bread.  You can add chicken, turkey, or shrimp for a few extra dollars.  I'm more than a little obsessed with this place.  It's been open for about three weeks and I've been about 7 times.  It's bad for my wallet, but it's so good.  I love that I can go there and get something that I don't feel guilty about eating a few hours later.  If you're ever in Charleston, I highly recommend checking it out.


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Amanda said...

I am in love with frozen yogurt... there are 6 in Lynchburg! And it's a good thing I don't live in Charleston because I would be broke at that salad place!