Monday, October 31, 2011

Boot Envy

First of all, Happy Halloween!  I'm not really a Halloween person (it's my least favorite holiday - that's right, it's even behind Valentine's Day) and I'm especially not in a Halloween mood today.  Some punky kids thought it would be a good idea to egg my car.  Needless to say I was NOT amused - those kids are on my list and if I find out who they are, they can expect a bill for having to take my car to the car wash today.  But I digress...

Now that Halloween is upon us, there is no denying it - fall is here!  Even here in Charleston.  The weather's dipped to the seventies and the locals have all dug out their winter wear including those puffy polar vests.

One hallmark of fall fashion is the boot.  I love boots.  They are cute, they keep your legs warm, they instantly dress up anything you wear.  Unfortunately, I have to love boots from afar.  The problem is that they make most boots for girls with tiny calves...and tiny calves I have not.  

Years and years of soccer and running have left my calves more muscular than the average man's.  No joke.  Year in and year out, I attempt to try on pair after pair after pair of beautiful knee high boots only to have my hopes dashed.  

But I'm coming to terms with my wide-calved-ness.  While they might get in the way of me looking uber-fashionable for the fall/winter months, my calves actually are pretty amazing.  Sure they're big, but the are strong.  They carry me for miles and miles and miles without ever complaining.  Even after my half marathon back in February, they hardly complained at all.  When I exercise, they look strong and toned.  With a tan, they look pretty damn good.

If I can't have style for the next 6 months, at least I'll have strength.  And that's going to carry me farther than any boot ever can.

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Amanda said...

You have exactly the right attitude!