Monday, October 17, 2011


So I know I've been talking about this for a while, but the big day is almost here - in less than 48 hours (pending clear skies and safe travels) I will be back home in Virginia.  I'm really ready for the break!  

First of all I'm crazy homesick.  I miss my parents and my friends and the fall weather and my cat and my dog and everything wonderful that makes Virginia home.

Second of all, it turns out what they say about law schools is true: first year they scare you to death, second year they work you to death, third year they bore you to death (someone please remind me why I signed up for this again???).  Rights now I'm about up to my eyeballs in work and I don't know if it'll ever be done.  Seriously....will there ever be NO work to do???  On top of all of my reading for classes (which is a chore in and of itself), I've been studying for a midterm, writing a case note for law review, trying to be involved in a few extracurricular activities, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and not go crazy in the midst of it (For the record, I think I'm about 3 days away from cracking, so this break is coming at a PERFECT time).  I need an extra 5 hours in a day, just to handle the crazy insomnia I've been experiencing...

I know I still have two whole school days to get through (including that stinking midterm) but I'm currently so excited, I can't sleep!  I can practically smell the freedom of a four day weekend and taste the margaritas I'll be having on Saturday at my friend Laura's bachelorette party.

In fact, I'm so excited I've already written a list of things I need to pack:

don't judge me...i do in fact need a reminder to pack underpants
And even though its still two days away, I have already started packing:

sleeping and running...could my fall break BE any more exciting??
I always get really nervous about packing.  It gets worse when I'm getting ready to go home for a few days.  I don't know why but I have this strange compulsion to pack REALLY AWESOME OUTFITS when I go home.  It's like I have to show everyone that even though I don't have four seconds to myself some days, I can put together three rockin' outfits when I have to.  

Usually I wind up taking enough stuff with me to clothe a small nation for a month.  I'm really trying to avoid that this trip.  To add a little pressure, because I'm flying home and because I'm too cheap to check two bags (why the eff does it cost $25 to check ONE BAG U.S. Air???  I know you're keeping $24.95 of that!  AND you don't even hand out pretzels anymore!!), so everything I'm taking HAS to fit into one (week-long) suitcase.  It's going to be a challenge (hey, you saw the list), but I think I can manage it.

(On an unrelated note, I think this blogging while insomniatic is working - I'm yawning like crazy, hopefully sleep won't be quite so hard to find.)

I'll try to check in over the weekend, but no promises....I actually do have some fun stuff planned for the weekend and quite frankly I think I deserve to enjoy a few days of law-free bliss.  But before I can kick back and relax I need to make it only a little longer: one test, four classes, two night's sleep, and I'll be home sweet home!  Wish me luck on my test, which is in 13 hours (yipes!!!)!!!

Even though its only Monday, my short three-day week has already got me excited for the I hope everyone has a good one!!! 


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Amanda said...

Have a safe trip... today is the last day!! Hope you did well on your mid-term! (And don't worry... unders always makes my packing list too!!)