Monday, May 10, 2010

She's my baby

I realized today that I haven't blogged about two of the most important members of my family - my dog, Ginger and my cat, Annabelle.  

My family adopted them just about four years ago.  The cat we'd had while I was growing up, Vixey, had just passed away.  I  was heartbroken but my parents knew it was time to open our hearts and our home to not only another cat but also a dog, the first one I had ever had.

After weeks of searching, my parents found Ginger at a local rescue center, Hope for Life.  At a year and a half she had already had a litter of puppies and a bad case of heart worm.  What she really needed was a warm and loving home.  Which is just what we gave her.  (I'll talk more about Ginger later)

While going out every weekend to visit Miss Ginger, I fell in love with a little kitten at the Hope for Life Center.  A few weeks later I brought home my little Smelly Belly.

Annabelle is a sassy cat.  She's got attitude and doesn't take any crap from anyone - not even Ginger (even though the dog is three times her size).  She's funny and quirky and I love her.  I always have the feeling that if she could talk she'd curse like a sailor and have a thick Brooklyn accent.

I'm not really jealous of her lifestyle (sleeping 20 hours a day is even too much for me), but I am pretty jealous of just how peaceful she is when she naps.

Check out these pictures I got of her over the weekend while she conked out on my bed for a few hours:

I wish I could nap like that!

That's right...she's sticking her tongue out.

Stretch it out.....

How cute is that?!?

Uh, oh...I think I woke her up!

Nap's over!  She's probably cursing me out right now.  It was worth it to share just how cute she is to all of cyber space!


Lauren said...

haha, a Brooklyn accent and curse like a sailor? maybe it's because I've never had a cat, but they all strike me as kinda refined. I think she'd talk very eloquently and have a Puuuurrrsian accent. (Get it? Get it?)

Andrea said...

I think most cats are kind of refined, and that Annabelle is the exception to the rule. I can't decide if its Brooklyn or really Southern gentile....either way she curses like a sailor.