Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Music Monday...oh wait, its Wednesday

Yeah, it feels like the past few weeks have been flying by, so I'm going to cut through all the crap-ola.

First my little brother graduated from high school!  It was hot and we had a party.  I made lots of kinds of dip and me and Meredith tore it up on the bocce court (I think we're going to make the switch to curling this winter).  It was fun and here are some pictures:

Also, my toe is all better!  I made my triumphant return to running just a few hours ago.  It wasn't my first run since I got the okay from my doctor, but it was the first time that I ran when I didn't feel like I was going to either die or melt into a pool of my own sweat.  So I'm considering this one win-win-win.

Also important: I am now a proud Mac owner.  My Macbook came with an iPod Touch, a printer, and a promise that it won't die on me, like ever.  What they tell you is that a Mac is cool.  What they tend to leave out is the fact that a Mac (and the iPod Touch it comes with) will distract you from doing anything.  Say, for example, you need to do the paperwork for your student loans.  And say that they tell you that this process should take you about an hour and a half.  What they don't tell you is that with a Mac at your fingers this process will take you at least 4 hours.  

It gets worse.  You know how they say "There's an app for that?"  There really is.  There's even one for Phase 10 aka the finest card game known to man.  It literally distracts me from sleeping.  Phase 10 is not a good enough reason to stay up until 11:30 EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK!

So, faithful readers, we're officially all caught up.  Stay tuned for a return to my amusing musings and general witticisms about life!

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