Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I'll admit it.  I caught Royal Wedding fever.  I never caught Bieber-fever, Jersey Shore-itis, or needed an American Idol-ectomy.  I was long overdue for a full-on pop culture obsession.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  During my first week of exams, the extensive Today Show coverage was enough to get me out of bed and it was just the distraction I needed Friday morning to get over the anxiety I was feeling about my property exam.

It was beautiful, a real life fairy tale.  I'd long been in love with Prince William with the hopes of becoming Princess Andrea and being able to wear a tiara everyday of my life.  But I don't think I could have looked as stunning as this:

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I mean really.  Check out this dress!

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She looked like Grace Kelly.  The whole thing was wonderfully romantic.  I even shed a few tears when William saw her for the first time and said, "You look beautiful."  It happened a little before this moment:

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I did unfortunately miss the kiss(es) because I had to go take a gigantic test, but thanks to BBC America I got to see the instant replay later in the day.

A lot of people expressed to me (either to my face of via facebook) how silly this whole royal wedding obsession was.  And well, I have to say I honestly disagree.  

For the little girl inside me, it was so exciting to see a real fairy tale unfold yesterday morning.  Princess Catherine was plucked out of obscurity by a handsome prince.  They fell in love.  He proposed.  She wore a beautiful gown and a tiara and now she's a princess.  And even though yesterday's ceremony was supposed to be a solemn occasion, every time they looked at each other they were beaming.  Silly as it may be, that made me hopeful that just maybe there's someone out there who will look at me like that one day, even if he's not second in line to the British throne.

For the grown up inside me, I was so happy to get to witness happy news.  One thing I have been dedicated about doing is keeping up with the news.  Everyday I tune in and hear about civil unrest, missing children, earthquakes, genocide, untrustworthy politicians, natural disasters and other reminders about how dark and scary this world really is.  That part of me enjoyed witnessing a happy world event.  No it doesn't affect my life.  And no it doesn't take away from the severity of other world events.  But it did remind me and, I believe, billions of other people across the globe that good things happen just every once in a while.  And when they do, its perfectly ok to stop for a moment and celebrate them.

And for that reason, I really do wish William and Catherine, a very happily ever after.

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