Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Semester In Review

My first semester of law school is over and done.  I'm considering it a success because I'm still breathing.  I'll reevaluate when my grades are released next month.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how the semester went.  It turns out that law school Andrea is a heck of a lot more responsible than undergrad Andrea.  I had perfect attendance this semester.  The most class I missed was 5 minutes one day when I got stuck in some crazy, weird, unexpected traffic. 

I also did all of my reading for the whole semester.  If it wasn't 100% finished before class, it was 100% finished before I went to bed that night.  

The two papers I had to write this semester?  I had fully completed drafts days before they were due, giving me more time than I knew what to do with for editing (turns out when you have that much time to edit, you wind up practically re-writing said paper at least 2 times).

Even though I am really proud of how I managed more school work than I knew existed, I'm equally proud of how I managed to take care of myself.  When I was in undergrad, I ate all of my stress.  That's why I left UVA a full 30 pounds heavier than I started.  I'm proud to say I survived my first semester without gaining an ounce!  I also made sure I slept, ate well, and exercised.  

The most important thing is that I know I can do it.  But until I have to do it again I'm going to sit back, relax and enjoy having the next few weeks off.

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